The Flittermouse Club / The Statutes of the FMC

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The Statutes of the Flittermouse Club

General provisions:

  1. The Flittermouse Club (further FMC) does not have any ideology contents nor hidden meaning. In this way it does not contain any ideas at all. It does not try to understand or even explain the world - the FMC is just looking at the world from THE different point of view then it is considered to be usual.
  2. FMC has no organization. Even these statutes does not really matter. They have only inspirative and uniforming purposes.
  3. The authors of FMC statutes realise that they wrote them deeply influenced by history-homeland study associtation Habart, that had not been finally found.
  4. FMC claims that it have nothing to do with following institutions:
    • MeatEmpire Inc.,
    • Administration of Local government of the Vasileostrovskyi district,
    • Trading chain Texco,
    • lapon village of Teshehke.

Less general provisions:

  1. Every FMC member has the right to ask another FMC member for any help. This help does not have to be provided.
  2. FMC Members do not have to thank other FMC members for unprovided help.
  3. FMC members do not have to thank anybody for unprovided help.

Least general provisions:

  1. FMC members kills cockrouches at sight.
  2. They do not have to kill cockrouches if they are absolute pacifists of if they had ham&eggs at breakfast that day.
  3. Attention: FMC member does not have to kill Eva Shvahstova at sight, even if given FMC member is not absolute pacifist or breakfasted ham&eggs. Eva Shvahstova has nothing to do with insect called 'cockrouch'. Eva Shvahstova is a 'shvahst'. Please - do not confuse and let her go!
  4. FMC member loves the halva, although from time to time he eats also other food.
  5. FMC member is realizing that Chinese are better in ping-pong and can draw proper conclusion from this knowledge.
  6. FMC members of Czech origin do not cry out in Sankt Petersburg's metropoliten the word: 'pozor'.