The Flittermouse Club / The Vocabulary of the FMC

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The Vocabulary of the most common FMC terms

FM | singl | red head | fullhouse | sugar | clean ride | face-ache | ridiculous pot | vremya pika | account

FM (Flittermouse), or peppe - member of FMC. Usually is used only for active members.

Single ride - a ride in hanging position to the next station of Sankt Petersburg's metropoliten.

Red head, or redman - ride in hanging position to the third or some following station of Sankt Petersburg's metropoliten.

Fullhouse - making a ride in hanging position from the first to the last station of some SPB's tube line.

Sugar - a ride, soiled by compromise (not the full one) hanging position.

Clean ride - to make a clean ride you have to keep full hanging position from the initial to the ending station of the ride.

Face-ache (mug) - pejorative title for FM that slipped down during the ride. After his third downfall the FM has to take on a ridiculous pot. This ridiculous pot can be given away only after making fullhouse or 'singl in vremja pika' (single in the peak time)(vide statutes).

The ridiculous pot is basically whatever helmet. It is the sign of greenhorns and their unwisdom. Every crew usually has its own ridiculous pot for face-aches from its middle, ornated by 'traditional' decorations.

Vremya pika - peak time. Usually around 5th o'clock p.m., when the ride in the hanging position is almost imposible. Only few heroes (like Bórza the Suspender or Katya) made it in 'vremya pika' and their names are written by golden chracters in the history of the Flittermouse Club. These heroes enjoy a deep respect of all Peppies.

Account - all rides done by given FM. Quiz for clever filberts: 'What does it mean to have 5 singles and 1 redman through 3 stations on an account?' Answer for stupid filberts: 'it means, that given FM made already 5 singles and 1 redman through 3 stations."