The Flittermouse Club / The FMC Membership and its Grades

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The FMC Membership

Membership: the FMC (Flittermouse Club) membership is open to everyone. It's not just about the St. Petersburg Tube. You can join it where ever you want. All you need to do is to give one single. A passive and active membership is distinguished:

  • to become the passive member of FMC you have to make one single ride in hanging position. It does not have to be the clean ride. The passive membership is a lifetime one.
  • The active membership means, that you as a FM (Flittermouse) are regulary taking part in collective rides or making your own individual ones. There is no exact number of rides to be taken regulary. It is more like an individual feeling of every FM. Usually it is supposed to make about two rides a month. The active membership ends and starts at one's own will.

Grades of the FMC

Green | Peppe | Cha | Incubus | Batman

Green - fellow, who wants to enter the Flittermouse Club. Yet he is not the member, but he is turning to be a Peppe by making his first single.

Peppe - in larger sense it is the synonym of the FM. Corectly it should mean fresh member, who already made at least one single.

Cha (a small tea) - on account: 5 clean singles or 1 redman through 3 stations.

Incubus - on account: 15 clean singles or 1 fullhouse.

Batman - on account: 100 clean singles or 8 fullhouses.